To get to know some more about the technician and natural scientist of this time about Otto of Guericke, we want, as bystanders, to participate at his experiments.


time index 2.43 min


Sulfur Sphere

The atmosphere is being of a finite altitude,

space but was immeasurably wide and devoid. 

Powerful forces are taking effect between earth and moon, between earth and sun. 

Are there immaterial forces between them? Well, I created an earth model from seven substances, but mainly from sulfur. With this earth model we can experiment. Lay your hands on! Firmly, don't be shy. Now, turn, - turn, turn, turn, turn. Yes! And now, lay the fluff feather on. The feather soars! With the sphere one can direct it at will.


time index 4.04 min


Here, forces weave. Immaterial, electrical forces. 

Which properties do the electrical forces have? Lets, analyze them.   


Therefore we need very common materials. Wood, a simple linen thread. And!? My sulfuric sphere. Hold the loaded sphere on the upper thread end and watch the thread. You see, you see! He is moving. Did you see? 


Again! Yes! The electrical force even effects the lower thread end. That means she is lead through the thread. That could be of importance.


time index 4.57min


Fire Syringe

I don't like fire. Flames frighten me. Remembrances ascent. On many fire blasts in our town. On the big war. As the imperials have taken in Magdeburg by storm, and this big, rich, beautiful, town burned down in full blaze. As I became mayor I prescribed,  fire syringes had to be disposable every time. 

The fire syringe presses the water out and sucks it in again.


So a round about closed butt must letting deflate itself with this syringe. Halt, enough! The butt is brimmed with water. I make it tight. So, and now, pump the water out. Go, strain yourself! Pump! read on here>>>













Steffen Schenk

Rhythm University