Not a drop again. There, where once was the water, now a void room, a vacuum has to be. Let's check it. Ahh, why air does not stream in? 


The attempt to create a vacuum has failed. The air must have run through the porous wood. I have to acquire other jars, or letting build. 


Air Pump - First Way

Disused, has the fire syringe for my experiments not. But it had to be mounted firmer, and better piston seals had to fro.


For all things but she needed valves. The pump cylinder is the same as with my fire syringe, but the valves are new. My invention! Onward folks, pump the sphere empty! Let's try how big the air pressure is. He presses air true wood. My kakabus? sustains the air pressure. Copper is, also, densely. And glass? So lets empty a glass spadix. Bring one here! 



The thin walled glass does not sustain the external air pressure. God doesn't tolerate no emptiness one says. I don't believe that. The nature has got it's own laws. One only has to fathom them. 


time index 10.27 min


Travel Air Pump

To also be able to demonstrate my attempts in other cities and afar countries, I needed a handily travel air pump. I did construct she and let it build and only hope she stands the test. Let's try it out, mhm!


Let's lay the hogs bladder in this glass bin. the hogs bladder was filled with a bit of air.


Mhm, and now, cap on the glass bin. Begin with the pumping. But, carefully. The levers on the last pump were longer. I shortened them. The air in the glass jar is being pumped up thus the air in the hogs bladder expands. It's functioning! Wonderful! Brilliant! Good, that's good! 


Weight Of The Air


The effects of the air pressure, for me, are not a book with seven seals, anymore. I ask for it's cause. There, between the air pressure and the weight of the air, has to be a connection. Can one determine the weight of the air? Perhaps with this balance here and the emptied copper sphere!


Weight this empty sphere correctly! Read on here>>>











Steffen Schenk

Rhythm University