Very correctly. Let air in! Weight she again! Four Lotonies? more! This is the weight of the streamed in air. Thus, lays the cause for the air pressure in the weight of the air.   


time index 14.09 min


Gallows Attempt

The sphere experiment with help of gallows and weights brings advantages. I can realize my attempts whenever I want and thereby win important measured values and knowledge. Get to work. men! 

Press the both hemispheres together. Empty the spheres! So, now hang in the sphere and the balance board! Load it with weights! More weights! The air pressure presses the the both halves firm together, and does not let overcome itself so easily. Almost seven centner were needed to separate the two hemispheres. The air pressure has got an enormous power. 


Vacuum Rifle

There are wind rifles that functioning through the effect of the excess pressure. I but, turn the issue around and make help myself of the negative pressure. Let's control all again! The pipe the bullet, the disc. 

Yeees! Bring the emptied kerkabus?! Set it on! Now open the tap! Go! Write this down. all,  correctly. 



There you wonder and believe on witchery if possible. Error! It all runs up fully natural, physically seen. Through the turn of the tap arises a vacuum into the rifle. Removes one now the leather disc, was through the air pressure, the bullet pressed vehement across the tube, strong accelerated, and flies with big velocity in the target. Read on here>>>







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Steffen Schenk

Rhythm University