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Otto of Guericke, born on November/20/1602 in Magdeburg, has to be enqueue with the great scientists and technicians of this time, like Copernicus, Galilee, Kepler and Newton.

In his of the thirty years lasting war devastated hometown, he utilized all powers to, as jet as town planner, bridge and fortress constructing engineer, as an envoy on diplomatic duty, and as a mayor, letting Magdeburg blossoming new.

On the search for the world forces Otto of Guericke, in application of his sulphuric sphere, discovered many properties of the electricity.

Better know are but his vacuum and air pressure experiments with self constructed apparatus. Thereby, he as the first natural scientist made calculations concerning vacuum techniques. 

His experiments Otto of Guericke demonstrated from time to time on diplomatic traveling. So even on the Reichstag at Regensburg. Yet at his time experiments were, with the original apparatus, at the University Würzburg redone, and the results confirmed. 

The arguably best known apparatus, the Magdeburg hemispheres, and a travel air pump are being, as preserved originals, kept at the German Museum in Munich.

Over the centuries the inventions of Guericke were enhacanced and perfected. 


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Today, many techniques and technologies of a high developed industrial society do not outcome without an efficient vacuum technique. read on here>>>

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