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Horse Attempt

What a beautiful day. Today, we finally want to try the hemisphere attempt with the horses. The elector of Brandenburg namely requested me, at his castle, in Berlin to demonstrate obviously the force of the air pressure.  


Come on my friend, lets see how far the preparations have thriven. 


Ahh. There are the  hostlers with the horses, yet. And there are even laying the emptied hemispheres. Have you created a good vacuum with the pump, jet. Yes. 


Now the air pressure presses the both halves vehement together. So, and now harness the first four horses. And now, pull!

Hostlers command the horses to pull. 

"Four horses also don't make it tearing the hemispheres apart. Let it try with eight."

"Mhm, mhmhmh!"


Four more horses. Come on here with them! Yes!


Hostler: "Now we will do a try!"


Forwad! Get them go!



Also, Eight don't even make it. let's try with sixteen.


Stay there! Halt!

And back again!


Stop it! Enough of grinding! Winner is the air pressure. 

<Latin, please look it up yourselves! Probably proven by trying?>


And this I will prove the elector. And jet it is very easy to separate the hemispheres when one let's in air again.


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Steffen Schenk

Rhythm University